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A Mindset Lesson from the Gridiron

buy Lyrica online india It’s football season, so timing is right for a good quote by Vince Lombardi – “The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.”

advice Is this to say that the man who thinks he can’t win, won’t win? I’m not a big believer in the Always/Never absolutes, and I’ve seen people accomplish things that they did not think they could…which is always cool and inspiring to see. That said, if you had to choose which of two equally skilled/experienced people would be more likely to hit a goal…one thinks they can’t and the other thinks they can…which one would you choose…which one would you hire, whose business would you invest in, which would you choose as a business partner? I’m choosing the ‘believer’ every time.

stromectol prix france Confidence and faith is a fundamental characteristic for success. We are willing to do more and we will do it better if we are operating from a confident mindset, rather than a mindset of fear, worry, or doubt. That’s why one’s mental/emotional condition will most often be the difference between success and failure. Our dominating thoughts will gradually transform themselves into physical reality…so we must be very aware of our internal dialogue. Using both our Imagination and our Will Power, we must persistently hold in our mind the outcome that we desire against all distracting thoughts/opinions.

As Napoleon Hill wrote, “What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” To build your confidence, every day you should read and repeat positive affirmations and visualize your success. Using the power of suggestion will create a better mindset…and when your mindset improves, so too will your results.

If you could use some tips on how to develop a more empowering, positive mindset, we at Own My Greatness are happy to help you.


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