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Confidence Is Contagious!

Hey, it’s still football season – my favorite sports time of the year. So why not another motivating quote from the gridiron:

Vince Lombardi – “ more helpful hints Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence.”

We all know how true this is. If we are paying attention, we see this concept play out every day in our lives…at work, at home, and at play. When you have confidence in what you are doing, your performance will most often meet or exceed your expectations…and you’ll perform with little to no stress. However, buy cheap Neurontin online when you don’t have confidence you will more often perform below your expectations and experience the discomfort of doubt and worry.

We all want to operate with more stromectol lääke hinta confidence, though it can be hard to come by in 3 these situations:

  1. You have performed poorly in the past
  2. You have never done before
  3. Same task but much larger scale than anything you’ve done in the past

I immediately think of 5 work examples for the above situations:

  1. Starting a new business
  2. Expanding an existing business
  3. Starting a new job
  4. Taking a promotion
  5. Changing careers

Many other examples come to mind in our home/play life – dating, marriage, parenting, home improvement projects, sports, hobbies, games, parties, etc.

We typically gain confidence with something through having performed it successfully in the past. But why wait for success to show up. You can gain confidence whenever you need it…even before your first attempt at something.

Confidence, like Success, is a MINDSET, an ATTITUDE, which you can choose to shift to the positive. Those who don’t consciously choose their mindset are left to whatever their “default” mindset is in the situations described above…which for most people is fear, doubt, worry – lack of confidence.

Using confidence-building auto-suggestion techniques and support from a coach/mentor/peer, you can create the “can do, will do” mindset needed to perform at your best. And, isn’t that what we all really want…to do our best?

If you would like advice on how to gain confidence and bring out your best, let’s talk.

Tom Pearson – Personal Success Coach

World Series Game 4 Learnings

Do you remember my Inspiring Thought from yesterday? It was a football related quote from Vince Lombardi – “The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.”
If you watched the Giants-Royals World Series game last night, you too saw the play of the San Francisco Giants epitomized this quote, and my thoughts that went with the quote. Before going on, I should admit that I am a SF Giants fan all the way, so my apologies to any KC Royals fans.

These are the 6 traits that I noticed in the S.F. Giants players during last night’s game:

  • DESIRE & CONFIDENCE – or better known as the “willing and able” combination that is foundational to success.
  • FAITH – each player looked like they believed in themselves, and believed in their teammates (we all have teammates – fellow employees, management, customers, suppliers, family, friends).
  • INTENSE FOCUS – laser like concentration on everything within your control…their mindset and their actions.
  • PATIENCE & PERSISTENCE – the players never looked panicked as they fell behind 4-1 and knowing that they had not yet been successful in the later innings against the Royals “Big 3” bull-pen pitchers.
  • MOMENTUM – this word is often referred to in sports.  After the Giants got their 2nd run, it quickly led to their 3rd, 4th, 5th…and on to their 11th.  Their performance kept improving to the point that they built in insurmountable lead and broke the Royals confidence.
  • ATTITUDE – winning breeds winning because an attitude is created that is based on real experiences of success. This one word sums up all of the others before it.

I have to confess that I was starting to panic for the Giants until my cousin Jack (a huge Giants fan) calmed me by saying “Hey, it’s only the 3rd inning, there’s a lot of time left. The Giants just have to stay in the game by chipping away at the lead, no problem.” The SF Giants have a well-deserved reputation for coming from behind and winning, and they did just that and WON (by a lot).

I love sports and it’s fun to see a team showcase the traits of success and win. There are big lessons to learn from the world of sports, like the ones that I outlined above, and those lessons are easily applied to success in all other endeavors – work, relationships, health, community, and spirituality.

I’m getting ready for Game 5 of the World Series with one thought…GO GIANTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Pearson –

A Mindset Lesson from the Gridiron

It’s football season, so timing is right for a good quote by Vince Lombardi – “The man who wins, is the man who thinks he can.”

Is this to say that the man who thinks he can’t win, won’t win? I’m not a big believer in the Always/Never absolutes, and I’ve seen people accomplish things that they did not think they could…which is always cool and inspiring to see. That said, if you had to choose which of two equally skilled/experienced people would be more likely to hit a goal…one thinks they can’t and the other thinks they can…which one would you choose…which one would you hire, whose business would you invest in, which would you choose as a business partner? I’m choosing the ‘believer’ every time.

Confidence and faith is a fundamental characteristic for success. We are willing to do more and we will do it better if we are operating from a confident mindset, rather than a mindset of fear, worry, or doubt. That’s why one’s mental/emotional condition will most often be the difference between success and failure. Our dominating thoughts will gradually transform themselves into physical reality…so we must be very aware of our internal dialogue. Using both our Imagination and our Will Power, we must persistently hold in our mind the outcome that we desire against all distracting thoughts/opinions.

As Napoleon Hill wrote, “What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.” To build your confidence, every day you should read and repeat positive affirmations and visualize your success. Using the power of suggestion will create a better mindset…and when your mindset improves, so too will your results.

If you could use some tips on how to develop a more empowering, positive mindset, we at Own My Greatness are happy to help you.


Why We Should Embrace Stressful Experiences

There is a growth opportunity in every challenge we face, if we choose to look for it. Some lessons are obvious and others require longer periods of contemplation. Ask, why did this situation come to me? Did I in some way attract this situation and, if so, for what positive purpose? What can I learn from this situation? Trust me, I’m asking myself these questions right now about the 6 years that my wife and I spent parenting and giving ourselves completely to two foster care kids, only to realize that we reached our capacity to give before their issues were even close to being resolved. I never imagined that in giving 110% of our love, care, and comfort, that these kids would not out-grow their behavioral issues.  I was taught a great lesson in human development and behavior alright, and I’m still seeking to understand the role that we were meant to play in these kids’ lives.  I’ve never been through anything so difficult, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  I do not doubt that answers to questions we have about our role in the lives of these children  will come in time.  I do know that this situation tested our resolve every day for 6 years, and we gave everything we had to give. The toughest situations do harden our mettle, and teach us that we have more courage and capacity than we likely give ourselves credit for.  So when you are faced with a stressful challenge, know that there is a gift in it for you…and it will reveal itself if you look for it.

When you realize that every stressful moment you experience is a gift that points you to your own freedom, life becomes very kind.”  By Byron Katie

Tom Pearson –



Is Your Mind Working Against You?

Your mind is always working, all day and all night, 24/7.  Here’s the thing –  your mind is either working for you or against you all the time, and you get to choose.  Depending on your state of mind – faith or fear, desire or doubt – your mind will ensure that you get exactly what you expect and believe you are worthy of receiving.  If you choose to believe, really believe, that you should receive what you want…your mind goes to work for you and helps you find the ways to get it.  Your mind has an amazing and predictable capacity to give you the ideas, solutions, and the resources needed to solve your challenges and reach your goals.  The mind is s your Secret Genie that is saying to you “your wish is my command”. So tell your Secret Genie what you want, why you want it, that you are deserving, and then do what is needed with total faith in a positive outcome…and your results will improve dramatically.

The challenge in this fairly simple approach lies in our Inner Beliefs – self doubt, fear, worry, insecurity, distrust – and a variety of defeating personal characteristics like Indecision, Procrastination, Laziness, Disorganization, and Apathy.  You can learn to change any of these that you have, and you must change these if you want to improve your results.  I can provide a variety of resources to help you improve your mental and emotional approach.  So reach out for a no-obligation helping hand, as I’m glad to share what helped me discover how to command my Secret Genie.


Tips to Get The Results You Want

Getting what we want in our lives requires a minimum of these things:

  • Faith In Oneself
  • Burning/Passionate Desire
  • Persistent/Continuous Action.

These are the basics and, yes, there are other factors and personality attributes that influence our results. To get the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect, Vibration/Attraction, and others working with us…we need to use our Imagination to build and hold in the screen of our mind the image of what we want and who we want to become. We use our Will Power to focus on and hold this this image in our mind every day, and through Repetition, we convince our mind that this is our new reality…we create a new, empowering, positive Paradigm (belief system).

You can attract only that which you mentally become and feel yourself to be in reality.”
~ Ernest Holmes ~
“Take bold, consistent action in the face of uncertainty.”
~ Jonathan Fields ~

Do You Believe In You?

Feeling good about you today? Are you your biggest fan or biggest heckler?
You were born incredible talent and capability and you’ve spent your life building on that…improving, adding on, becoming better. You’ve overcome so many obstacles, demonstrated perseverance, intelligence, will power, imagination, passion and so much more.
So what reason do you have to doubt yourself?
Do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to anyone else…it’s a losing proposition, especially if you are harshly self-critical. There’s only one YOU – just make the most of YOU and everything will take care of itself. Let them be them, and let you be YOU!

You are uniquely gifted and capable – you just need to Believe in yourself.  This I can show you how to do, so give me a call.

Do not overestimate the competition and underestimate yourself. You are better than you think.”
~ Timothy Ferriss ~

Pt. 2 Confidence + Desire = Success Building Blocks

Will you at your best today?  Yes, if you have Confidence-Faith in yourself, and if you are comfortable in our own skin, and if you lead with your passion and love.  Your talents, your feelings, and your style are unique to you.  Abstain from playing the ‘comparison game’ with someone you admire, there’s no point to it. If you need competition, then compete with yourself…compete against your thoughts and feelings that want to hold you back from taking productive actions that move you towards positive outcomes…and challenge yourself to bring out your best. I guarantee that your best is plenty good, even great, and it’s uniquely you.
Enjoy the inspiring quotes below.

“Confidence is a choice, not a symptom. You succeed because you’ve chosen to be confident.
~ Seth Godin ~
“When I experience and accept myself exactly as I am, then I change.
~ Cherie McCoy ~

To Succeed, Master “The Bounce”

I recommend you read this blog post by Darren Hardy who says that to win in the game of life you will need to “be the ball” and learn The Bounce.  What is The Bounce?  To fall rapidly, hit bottom suddenly with impact and rebound decisively.  He makes an important distinction between falling and failing, the difference being how you respond to disappointments.  Read about the four distinct phases of The Bounce – The Fall, The Impact, The Restoration, and The Elevation.


Confidence + Desire = Success Building Blocks

The 2 primary mental building blocks for success are CONFIDENCE and DESIRE. When you have these, and then you add PERSISTENT ACTION…look out world, because you have mentally conditioned yourself to OVERCOME over every obstacle and to ACHIEVE every goal.  Below are two excellent ‘thoughts’ related to CONFIDENCE.

“To be a top performer you have to be passionately committed to what you’re doing and insanely confident about your ability to pull it off.”
~ John Eliot ~
“Confidence is a choice, not a symptom. You succeed because you’ve chosen to be confident.
~ Seth Godin ~