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Negative Attitude Is A Killer How much adversity are you dealing with right now?  Are you on a losing streak that has got you down?  If not now, chances are that you have experienced one before, and if you are like most of us, it had a very negative effect on your attitude.  Being the emotional creatures that we are, it’s have a peek at these guys quite natural to feel frustrated, disappointed, even bitter and angry.

I am very stromectol 3 mg pris impressed with the attitude of a pro football player whose team has now lost 24 straight games…that’s one-and-a-half full football seasons since his last taste of victory.  Antonio Smith is playing for the Oakland Raiders who have lost all 10 of their games this season.  Last year, Antonio played for the Houston Texans who lost their last 14 games.  As demanding a sport as football is, can you imagine how sour 24 consecutive defeats must taste?  Here is what Antonio had to say about it:

I see no cause in burning up a ship, and any time you come at anything with a negative outlook, that’s exactly what you’re doing. You’re killing yourself from the inside out.”

He’s right!  It’s natural to feel down, allow yourself to feel it – give the negative feelings their moment.  Then ask yourself – what can I learn from this?  Next, tell yourself that it’s time to move on.  Use the learning to make positive adjustments and use the experience to fuel your drive for your next “win”.  Don’t continue to give your time/energy to a negative attitude.  If a turnaround is what you want, give your time/energy to a better cause — FAITH and HOPE, and then follow up with whatever ACTIONS you believe will lead to better results.  Your next win is just around the corner…and the more you focus on that, the closer it gets.

If you are struggling with a negative attitude and you would welcome some help turning it around, reach out to us for support.

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